Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Republicans Begin Assault On Science: Will Degrade EPA Climate Rules

Stupid scientists are always trying to ruin every (rich person’s) effort to keep their bank accounts flowing with green, by demanding that there is something bad about coal plants (and delicious, nutritious coal). Seriously, where’s the evidence to support all this crazy “coal is evil” nonsense? So there’s a little smoke. Everybody loves fireplaces, after all. And nobody is dying from those, are they? Thank God (in the one Christian Heaven) that Republicans have taken back over control of science policy in Congress. Now the Apocalypse can safely (or you know—catastrophically really) proceed.
NOTE: I have not reported on the events of November 4th (last Tuesday). I had predicted the outcome for some time. It happened. It wasn't a wave—except of America's deep-white and red Confederate flag. Most Americans are so repulsed by American politics at this point, they stayed home and did something useful instead of voting. As for the white people who did vote, I have pointed out that there are always regrettable consequences to the American people actually employing the extremely stupid political system in the USA. One of these consequences is that when the cowardly, corporatist Democrats fail (in their mission to wank off the electorate concerning "hope and change"), and need to be tossed out, the only replacement party America has to choose from is the heartless, soulless, brain-dead GOP. The consequences of choosing this remedy to the pointless fool Obama are already becoming clear.

In an effort to bring on the destruction of the Earth, and thus the Apocalypse, the newly-installed GOP Congressional majority reportedly says it will move to degrade and destroy EPA rules aimed at lessening global warming.

As the NY Times points out, the motives of the Republicans are not entirely ideological, but in some cases boil down to pure politics:
"Senator Mitch McConnell, the next majority leader, has already vowed to fight [EPA climate] rules, which could curb planet-warming carbon pollution but ultimately shut down coal-fired power plants in his native Kentucky."
Yeah, you wouldn't want coal-fired power plants (and coal-mining jobs that supply them) to go away would you? After all, how can you keep up Kentucky's much-envied position as ground zero for lung cancer in the USA?* As The Hill noted back in July, in fact it isn't the EPA that is threatening coal plants in Kentucky, it is the market. But, when McConnell was desperate for a Kentucky-style whoop-up to get all the lungers out to the polls, he knew the three letters EPA, poised against beloved COAL, would work magic.
*2011 figures reported by CDC

Also, if the Kentucky and GOP death cultures weren't enough to get people excited about fighting EPA, there's this to consider:
"The coal industry has paid McConnell well for his service. According to OpenSecrets.org, during his years in office, McConnell has been by far the largest recipient of coal industry contributions of any member of Congress. He has raked in $748,899, compared to $640,825 for his nearest competitor, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner (Ohio)."
Yep, it's funny how good old graft can make a person already predisposed to ignore scientific facts (as Republicans seem born to do), unilaterally declare war on the mean old EPA—and the Earth and its peoples. Money talks.

In addition to thwarting science in it's evil attempt to stop human-caused climate change, the Republicans will also increase efforts to force Barack Obama to approve building the Keystone XL Pipeline, a construction project that, in addition to leaving bunches of little boom-and-bust towns in it's wake, will enable the flow of zillions of gallons of crude oil across the heartland of America in a stupid pipe. What could go wrong?

While the American people had to understand there was some risk involved in electing a Republican majority to control the US Congress—the risk being the Republicans would act like Republicans—the American people decided that showing crummy old Barack Obama what-for was worth destroying the planet Earth.

Much more good thinking like that from the American voters, and they won't need Republican maniacs like Mitch McConnell or Jim Inhofe to destroy the planet. Americans can simply vote the Earth out of office and replace it with a GOP planet pledged to ignore the laws of science and to transmute itself into the all-white, gold-paved Kingdom of God.

Won't that be great?

So, still a fan of the democracy thing are you?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bill To Barry: Shut Up Whining—1990s Partisanship Was Worse!

It's fair to say these two needed to work on some bipartisan cooperation of their own. But at this point, Bill and Hillary don't need to worry about Barack Obama. Barry's sinking popularity just fuels nostalgia for Clinton-era prosperity. Of course, the problem for Hillary is that Bill was the guy credited (fairly or not) with enabling that golden (bubble) era. People mostly remember Hillary now (fairly or not) for Benghazi and being the drearily perennial first woman President in waiting.
This morning, in the NY Times, the preparation for Hillary Clinton’s coronation as Queen of America continues, as the Times runs an article explaining how Bill Clinton was such a better and more effective President than Barack Obama. As Clinton and his gang put it, partisanship was far worse in the 1990s (hey, they impeached Clinton—Obama not so far), and yet Bill got things done, like destroying welfare, with a highly partisan Republican Congress.

Back in 2008, so many dumbasses were blathering about how Barack Obama would end the partisan divide in Washington DC. The Republicans, we were told, were terrified of Barack Obama because he intended to compromise with them and work with them. How would their fear-and-hate mongering schemes work if America liked (or loved) the guy who was trying to get along with them?

As we know, that part of the political calculation was answered by the American people as they came to more and more despise the increasingly insane Republicans. But, since the GOP figured the way to defeat Obama’s kumbaya program was to just keep going further to the right, dragging the determined compromiser with them, eventually the American people started disliking Barack Obama also.

In fact, we saw a pretty good analysis of Obama’s problem with the Republicans, made by Paul Krugman in November, 2007, when he explained that because Obama wanted to appear “bipartisan”, and at the same time he was wanted to distance himself from Hillary Clinton on the Social Security question (i.e., whether it was heading towards a “crisis”), Obama had adopted the partisan Republican position:
“Why would [Obama], in effect, play along with this new round of scare-mongering and devalue one of the great progressive victories of the Bush years? [i.e., the Democrats defeating Bush-GOP moves to gut Social Securuty] I don't believe Mr. Obama is a closet privatizer. He is, however, someone who keeps insisting that he can transcend the partisanship of our times—and in this case, that turned him into a sucker. Mr. Obama wanted a way to distinguish himself from Hillary Clinton—and for Mr. Obama, who has said that the reason ‘we can't tackle the big problems that demand solutions’ is that ‘politics has become so bitter and partisan,’ joining in the attack on Senator Clinton's Social Security position must have seemed like a golden opportunity to sound forceful yet bipartisan.”
As Krugman said, anybody who in 2008 really thought he was going to transcend partisanship, was being stupid, and was begging to be played for a sucker by his opponents. And that is just what happened to Barack Obama.

While Obama preached at people about “growing up”, something he assumed he had already done enough to be President, he was amazingly naive to think his opponents in Washington would just accept his victories at the ballot box as any obligation on their part to join with him and the Democrats to pull the nation back from the brink (or way past it) of fascist oligarchy.

Obama spelled out in one early 2008 debate how his bipartisan coalition (including “moderate” Republicans)* would come together to make big changes in America:
*—kind of like “moderate” Syrian rebels.
“I think that there are a whole host of Republicans, and certainly independents, who have lost trust in their government, who don't believe anybody is listening to them, who are staggering under rising costs of health care, college education, don't believe what politicians say. And we can draw those independents and some Republicans into a working coalition, a working majority for change.”

Except, all the people Barack Obama was describing there, in 2008, by 2010 had joined something called the Tea Party, whose mission was to destroy Barack Obama’s presidency any way they could. Talk about completely misreading the situation.

Indeed, as time went on, and the American people discovered the extent of Democratic Party collusion with the Republicans on countless fascist policy initiatives, like the massive NSA infringement of the constitutional liberties of Americans, the assumption that the Dems were the better of two evils became more difficult to accept.

Weren’t, in fact, the two parties just a choice between corporatist swine in the DP and batshit-crazy corporatist swine in the RP?

As Americans watched the "recovery", and watched who was benefitting from it—just the rich and the corporations—and at the same time as Americans realized that Barack Obama was often doing more to aid and abet Republican schemes (like the amazingly stupid Sequester compromise), than he was to fight for the rights and betterment of most Americans, the perception that Obama's brand of maturity was just another name for cowardice became widespread, even among Democrats.

Now we have a situation, in the 2014 campaign, where when it comes time for struggling Democratic candidates to call upon somebody to come to their aid in their races and make the case for why Democratic policies are better than those of the GOP, DP candidates do not call upon President Obama. In fact, he is the last person they want around them. Instead, the call goes out to that lovable old creep, Bill Clinton, the guy you wouldn't want near your daughter but who just might be able to work with the GOP to carve out a tek-bubble boom.

As Hillary gets closer to running for President, and Obama's poll numbers continue to sink, expect the Democrats, and especially Bill Clinton, to push Barack Obama closer to the exit door. If the GOP wins the Senate, the Republican base will push their party to achieve two goals:

1. Overturn Obamacare.
2. Impeach Barack Obama

Neither one of those things is likely to happen. Obama will veto any move to dump Obamacare. And the GOP leaders are just fine continuing to keep an unpopular Democrat in the student-driver's seat in the White House. In fact, if anybody should really want Barack Obama to be impeached, or to resign for the good of the nation and his party, it would be Democrats.

Meanwhile, you have to wonder what it is like in Barack Obama's mind right now. The American people don't like him. The Democratic Party doesn't like him. His Obamaite supporters make new enemies every time they inform the American people they are not good enough or smart enough for Barry—or worse that they are too racist for him. Even if that is true, you need those racists to vote for Democrats in a few days. That galling fact must be eating away at BO. Certainly, along with other things, it is graying him really fast. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Chris Christie Says “Time To Start Offending People”—No Problem, Pigfucker

The poster child for pigfuckers, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), plowed new rotten ground for Republicans on Tuesday, explaining how minimum wage is so fucking boring to him because the "lowest common denominator"—what Christie calls poor workers struggling to get by on minimum wage—are, as Mitt Romney pointed out, part of the class of government slaves the Republicans don't care anything about. Christie also pointed out that America's children suck, because they get lousy test scores in math and science. He said: "It’s time to start offending people."
On Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), who among other things is head of the Republican Governors Association, made the keynote address to the Institute for Legal Reform of the US Chamber of Commerce.

The Legal Reform group of the Chamber is focused on gutting tort laws throughout the US, so that consumers who are harmed by businesses will have fewer resources to seek damages. Of course, this also means the businesses will have more money and more incentive to keep harming consumers.

While Christie was answering questions at the end of his remarks, he addressed how “tort reform” could be a real boon to the economy and to working people especially:
“How about dealing with tort reform? You know, companies would have a lot more income to be able to pay to their folks in their businesses, if they didn’t have to worry about putting away the billions and billions and tens of billions of dollars they have to put away to legal fees and legal settlements in the system that we have today.”
One can imagine that all the legal fees and debt judgements saved by corporations from not having to pay the consequences of their harming consumers would go directly into the pockets of their struggling workers. But outside of our imaginations, I think we all know what bullshit that really is.

Imagine for example, that BP didn’t have to pay for destroying so many livelihoods in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill from a few years ago. While BP might have been better off, how does that balance out the devastation it caused by so destructively going about its business?

Then Christie got to the part of his remarks about this that caused quite a stir in the last few days:
“Maybe the President could talk a little bit about that when he dresses up the income inequality question, because I tell you the truth, I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am. I don’t think there’s a mother or father sitting around a kitchen table in America tonight where they’re saying you know honey, if our son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my god, all our dreams would be realized.”
It is difficult to imagine a much clearer expression of Republican cluelessness about the condition of working people in the US than this idiotic statement. Actually, contrary to what Christie says, many Americans would be very happy to see their son or daughter or themselves getting a higher minimum wage. Would that satisfy “all their dreams”. And that’s the thing that really stings here about Christie’s total lack of awareness.

Because the correct response to that question is:

What fucking dreams are you talking about?

Christie replies that Americans aspire to “a greater, growing America where their children can have the ability to make much more money and have much greater success than they’ve had.”

Actually, most Americans have given up any hope that their children are likely to obtain “much greater success” or any success. They well understand the American system is so horribly fixed in favor of rich people and corporations, that “moving on up” has been permanently replaced by moving nowhere—or worse—moving on down to poverty.

So, yeah, raising the minimum wage would make a big difference to a lot of Americans’ lives.

But, Chris Christie and the Republicans have other plans for America.

What plans? Well, lots more austerity, meaning budget cutting and tax reductions.

As Christie said:
“Pain will be involved. Some people will be made unhappy.”
The thing is, people are already suffering pain—lots of it—but the people doing the suffering are not the people reaping the biggest financial rewards from the system. The people being punished by Republican austerity are the least able to deal with any more pain in their lives. As Christie points out, he and the Republicans simply do not care about those people—the majority of Americans.

Christie also pointed out he is prepared to be disliked, even hated, because as he often says:
“I don’t care whether they love me…I want to be respected.”
Well, more and more people in New Jersey and the nation have another idea for the appropriate reaction to Chris Christie—they despise him and the Republicans.

And that makes what Barack Obama has managed to do to Democrats, basically single-handedly dooming their chances of making gains in Congress instead of losing control of it entirely, utterly amazing.

There is no good reason for the American people to commit suicide by voting for Republicans, except that it is the only electoral pushback they possess to say to the Democrats that Barack Obama sucks so much that even voting for a heinous, stupid, Republican seems an appropriate response.

Do-gooder Doctor Brings Ebola Infection To New York City

Dr. Craig Spencer, part of the group Doctors Without Borders, dressed up in his anti-Ebola superhero outfit. Either the outfit or Dr. Spencer failed to keep the Ebola out of Dr. Spencer's body during his trip to West Africa to fight the deadly disease. Knowing the risks, supposedly better than just about anybody, associated with Ebola Virus infections, Dr. Spencer decided not to self-isolate upon his recent return to the USA, and instead chose to spread himself around New York City via subways, taxis, even bowling alleys. Unfortunately, his Ebola Virus went with Dr. Spencer on his travels.
Before do-gooder doctor, Craig Spencer (fresh back from West Africa), was officially diagnosed with Ebola on Thursday, he had spent days riding New York City subways and even going bowling.

Dr. Spencer should have known that there was much heightened concern especially about returning health care workers from Ebolaland. However, it seems Dr. Spencer acted like the rules did not apply to him.

Of course, what rules, right?

While the federal government does not have a mandatory quarantine or isolation order in effect (yet) for returning health care workers from West Africa, Doctors Without Borders, the group Dr. Spencer was working for, was quick to post its statement and its guidelines for its personnel retuning from treating African Ebola patients.

Part of that statement—about “protocols” of course—was quite clear that Doctors Without Borders supported Dr. Spencer roaming around densely packed New York City:
“Our colleague in New York [i.e. Dr. Spencer] followed the MSF protocols and guidelines since returning from West Africa.”
Right after that, the DWB statement says:
“At the immediate detection of fever on the morning of October 23, 2014, he swiftly notified the MSF office in New York.”
Great, but the New York Times report on Dr. Spencer’s illness says that medical workers tending to him noted his “immediate detection” was of a fever (103°)* that was much higher than the usual onset fever for Ebola. The Times notes this:
*—see Update below
“A health care worker at the hospital said that Dr. Spencer seemed very sick, and it was unclear to the medical staff why he had not gone to the hospital earlier, since his fever was high.”
And, Dr. Spencer reported he had been feeling “sluggish” (fatigue is an onset symptom for Ebola) for a couple of days prior to his diagnosis.

Did Dr. Spencer just kind of forget to monitor his temperature because he figured he was invulnerable? Or was his temperature only mildly elevated, so he ignored its significance? We should note that is what happened with one of the Dallas hospital nurses infected with Ebola, the one who traveled to Ohio. That nurse had a low-grade fever, and was still cleared by the CDC to travel from Ohio back to Texas. And why is this monitoring left to medical workers themselves to do?

Maybe the Ebola Czar or the Wizard of Oz can answer that. Because the American people are really tiring of spins from the CDC, and all the other alleged experts about Ebola.

Another article in the NY Times today, entitled “Can You Get Ebola From a Bowling Ball?”, speaks to the fear people naturally have that Dr. Spencer had smeared his Ebola germs all over bowling balls at the alley he visited.

The article says:
“It is extremely unlikely that Ebola could be passed that way.”
“…it might be possible.”
And given the experts' and President Obama’s record so far with avoiding the "extremely unlikely", which they seem to regularly run into like the Titanic into its iceberg, we might want to keep an eye on the bowlers who were around Dr. Spencer at the lanes.

Most troubling in the bowling article is this assertion:
“[Ebola] does not normally survive for more than a few hours on a hard, dry surface.”
Oh good. Because as we know, nobody would likely have touched the same dry surfaces as Dr. Spencer in a bowling alley, or on subways—for hours!?

Yet another NY Times article, by “science” writer, Carl Zimmer, claims once again the Obama-CDC propaganda line that Ebola is nothing to worry about because flu kills “thousands”. In fact, that figure is greatly exaggerated, as CDC’s own mortality reports show flu killing hundreds—sometimes just a few hundred—each year. The lethality of Ebola is vastly greater than the flu.

From the CDC 2010 report on mortality in the USA. Note the deaths from Influenza broken away from those of pneumonia. In 2010, the reported deaths from flu were only 500, not thousands. The estimated deaths from flu CDC regularly issues are based on worse-case scenarios involving the most lethal strains of flu. In fact, Ebola is many times more lethal than influenza.
And with the doctors treating Ebola, and who should know a great deal about it, acting like such idiots, why should the American people trust that Ebola infections will not spread widely, and with deadly impact?

The correct answer seems to be: quarantine returning West African aid workers.

After all, if they’re willing to sacrifice their lives to go fight Ebola in West Africa, they should be willing to sacrifice their convenience to make sure they’re not killing American citizens with Ebola when they come back.

Mary Travis Bassett, NYC Department of Health Commissioner explains there's nothing to see here, as she revises the reported initial temperature of Dr. Spencer's fever. Note that even on the graphic displayed with Bassett's image on Morning Joe today, the 103° temp is being reported. Why would NYC wait so many hours to correct such an important piece of the story?
UPDATE: October 24, 2013, 11:13AM—Now, the New York City Health Department is reporting Spencer's temperature when he first developed a fever was 100.3°, not 103°. Speaking on MSNBC's Morning Joe Thursday morning, Mary Travis Bassett, NYC Department of Health Commissioner, said that Spencer "followed every rule" and was "well" until he got sick and called Doctors Without Borders to report a change in his condition. However, Bassett did not address why Spencer's "sluggish" condition, which he reportedly had on Tuesday, and which would seem likely to have been fatigue associated with the onset of Ebola, did not qualify as an Ebola symptom. In fact, Bassett herself claimed: "When I was an intern, we didn’t even really consider [100.3°] a fever." This is confusing, to say the least, since clearly Dr. Spencer had a fever sufficient to cause him concern on Thursday and his alleged reported temperature when he checked it was (according to this morning's revision) 100.3°. Associated Press is now saying Spencer's initially reported temperature of 103° was given to the media by the New York City Health Department on Thursday night because there had been a "transcription error" in relaying the data. Bassett also did not explain why the hospital worker, described in the New York Times article, would have thought it worth noting the advanced nature of Dr. Spencer's fever and condition when he was treated. Is this an updating and correction of data, or an attempt at spinning the reports now to try to avoid a panic in New York City?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NY Times Editors Try To Rescue Obama As He Is Dissed By Dems

Too often the White House ends up scrambling to look effective after the facts point to Obama and his team once again having fucked up so badly they totally lose the public's trust. This picture has been running on the White House website for days. It shows the Obama style: the President issuing reprimands and orders, while humiliating the cause of Obama's bad press. In this picture, what is noticeable is the diminutive, really little more than decorative, display of the CDC and its leader, Dr. Tom Frieden, shrunk to hobbit size and clearly reduced to an auxiliary role in responding to the Ebola virus crisis. Shortly after this Obama said he would name an Ebola Czar to coordinate the federal response to the deadly disease. Frieden is at this point Dr. Persona non Grata.
The New York Times published an editorial today, noting the danger that Democrats posed to themselves by distancing from and just plain dissing Barack Obama.

The Times says the danger is that by appearing to agree with Republicans, and most Americans, that Barack Obama is a failure, and worse, an incompetent, Democratic candidates weaken their own message.

Why? Because as President Obama said earlier this month:
"Now, I am not on the ballot this fall.  Michelle is pretty happy about that.  (Laughter.)  But make no mistake:  These policies are on the ballot—every single one of them."
Every single Democrat owns the policies and programs pushed by Obama.

The Times argues that should be a plus for Democrats:
"There is much that is going right in this country, and there is still time for Democrats to say so."
But the few things the Times can point to are not exactly counted as positive accomplishments by most Americans:

1. "Few voters know that the 2009 stimulus bill contributed heavily to the nation’s economic recovery, saving and creating 2.5 million jobs."

The reason why nobody cares, much less believes, that the stimulus bill saved America, is that, because Obama failed to push through a sufficiently vigorous bill, with real incentives to increase employment and address underemployment, the main beneficiaries of this spending program were corporations and wealthy Americans. The long, extremely painful and destructive "recovery" was characterized by the worst post-recession employment rebound in the nation's history. Millions of Americans simply stopped looking for work, because nobody would hire them, and as a consequence the unemployment rate in the USA improved steadily (and misleadingly) as these workers were no longer counted. Of course, for many of them, they were counted another way—as part of the burgeoning number of Americans newly arrived in poverty.

Add this to the fact most Americans understand "stimulus" and "bailout" to basically mean the same thing, and it is understandable why Democrats don't want to talk about it.

2. "Similarly, the Affordable Care Act, one of the most far-reaching and beneficial laws to have been passed by Congress in years, gets little respect even among the Democratic candidates who voted for it."

Of course, you probably know this Affordable Care Act by its real name—Obamacare—a name originally pasted onto it by Republicans and, prior to the disastrous rollout of the ACA, for a while embraced by Obama and the Democrats. The problem with Obama is not just his total failure to stand his ground on key policy points—so for example he tossed away his pledge to avoid an individual mandate in his health care program—but it is the way he simply lies to people to tamp down their opposition. 

So, for example, Obama plainly told Americans that if they liked their health care (usually low cost health care) they could keep it under Obamacare. That turned out to be a lie. Many Americans saw their health care coverage canceled and they were forced into high-cost policies under Obamacare. Furthermore, as the Times itself recently pointed out, many Americans cannot use the insurance they have been forced to buy. Why? Because the huge deductibles people have to pay with their Obamacare packages mean they cannot afford to go to the doctor. Some benefit, huh?

And it isn't like Americans, and the Democrats who forced this stupid, Republican, health-care plan on them, don't understand that. So, it makes a lot of sense that no Democrat, especially in heavily Republican states, is going to be much interested in yapping about Obamacare.

And then of course there is the problem of what else Obama has accomplished, or the greater context of his deeds (or crimes and misdemeanors).

1. Obama's fawning embrace of war and slaughter—contrary to what Mr. Hope and Change promised, Barack Obama has seldom met a war or a war crime he does not love. From refusing to prosecute Bush-era kidnapping and torture operations (because it would make the CIA sad), to droning down scores of innocents because hey, if you're going to make some terrorist omelets, you're going to have to blow up some babies, Obama has plenty of reasons to have gone so gray in the hair and the countenance. Thinking about rotting in Hell for eternity is likely a little upsetting.

2. Obama's even more shocking 69 with the NSA and the US spy-thug regime. Obama obviously thinks the Bill of Rights is just a set of interesting but highly ignorable suggestions. As Obama amped up Bush's wholesale crushing of the privacy rights and Fourth Amendment rights of 300 million Americans, his henchpeople lied to Congress, lied to the American people, and lied to the FISA court that was supposed to be the watchdog insuring that the Constitution would not be used as it has been—like toilet paper to wipe the stinking butts and brains of spies. The patriot Edward Snowden revealed the truth to the world. Of course Obama wants Edward Snowden dead. That's all we need to know about the traitor, Barack Obama.

3. Obama's deep commitment to incompetence. OK, so it's one thing that Barack Obama is such a liar, such a war-mongering jerk, such a hateful treasonous bastard for treating Americans like servants of the NSA and the spy regime, but forget all that for a moment and just consider how horribly incompetent Barack Obama is at doing his job. From totally misreading and mishandling the Arab Spring, to fucking up the Obamacare rollout, to missing the signals about Putin, to missing the signals about Islamic State, and then creating one of the dumbest war strategies in the history of the world, to failing to take Ebola virus sufficiently seriously, Obama and his hapless minions seem most apt in finding new ways to completely fuck shit up.

Another Times article discusses the impact of this flood of government ineptitude, which undercuts the paper's own Obama-supporting editorial with a blow by blow explanation for America's sinking sense of self esteem and hope. And all of that, rightly, stops on the desk of Barack Obama—except in his spin of things, that is never the case.

Obama came into office with one of the biggest passes ever afforded to any president. You can call it affirmative action (many Republicans do), but the fact is for years most Americans were willing to forgive Obama concerning the execrable state of America's economy and foreign policy, because they knew those things had gone so horribly wrong under the reign of George W Bush and the Republicans.

And as a consequence, Obama got used to never having to fight to defend his failures or his alleged successes. It was always Bush's fault. Also, unfortunately, for Obama it was also too often Bush's credit, as Obama too often embraced, rather than rejected, Bush's foreign policy especially.

Four years ago, Barack Obama went to Maryland to campaign for Governor Martin O'Malley.

Obama said:
"What the other side is counting on, the other side is counting on, is that this time around you’re going to stay home. They’re counting on your silence.  They’re counting on amnesia. They’re counting on your apathy, especially the young people here. They don't believe you’re going to come out and vote. They figure Obama is not on the ballot; you’re not going to come out and vote."
Yep, things have changed that much.

Then Obama begged the crowd:
"So I know times are tough.  And I know we’re a long way from the hope and the excitement we all felt on election night and inauguration day.  But we always knew this was going to take time.  We always knew it was going to be hard.  I said it was going to be hard.  Change has always been hard."
Four years ago, maybe Obama had some chance of convincing Americans that tough times were just going to take a while to fix and that they should be patient. But six years into his presidency, with tough times having evaporated for corporations and rich Americans, what is Obama going to say—that he's just too powerless and incompetent to fight the fixed game the American system obviously is?

The American people already know that all too well.

The question for them now, and it is a question pretty much impossible to answer, is who to blame and how to blame them. Voting in Republicans is far more a punishment of the American people than of Democrats. Yet, that may be what Americans choose to do. The electoral choice, the electoral remedy, has plainly lost its potency to make things better.

Now what?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Obama Says Ebola-Shmola, Thousands Will Die From The Flu!

Obama has had just about enough of these stupid American people, in other words his bosses. Can't they understand they just need to shut up and let the egg-spurts do their jobs? Obama seems not to get, still, that being competent, and not just at doing evil, is actually the best way to quell people's concerns. At this point, even Democrats have had enough of looking at that sour, sanctimonious, puss, and just want it to go away.
On Saturday, President Obama, whose popularity is only a little better than Ebola's at this point, made his weekly lecture to the poor dumb, American people he clearly despises.

He told America—stop being hysterical about this Ebola thing, you idiots. Only three people in the USA have got it! Big friggers! (It's a Harvard Law thing).

To explain just how silly Americans are being about Ebola, in his view, the President decided to offer up this cheery comparison:
"What we're seeing now is not an "outbreak" or an "epidemic" of Ebola in America.  We're a nation of more than 300 million people.  To date, we've seen three cases of Ebola diagnosed here...we have to keep this in perspective. As our public health experts point out, every year thousands of Americans die from the flu."
Except, of course, there's a little problem with that view of things. It's wrong.

According to the CDC's own numbers, flu actually kills only a few hundred people a year in the USA, not thousands. The reason the death numbers for flu are generally inflated into thousands is because the government combines deaths from flu and pneumonia into one category. When broken into separate categories, suddenly the threat from flu is exposed as not quite as lethal as people believe or are regularly told by the government.

In addition, Obama fails to consider that people's deep fear of Ebola is not that it isn't, yet, killing lots of Americans, but that it is absolutely efficient at killing people when it does infect them.

So, there is this to consider:
Mortality rate of Ebola: 50% (as high as 90%)
Mortality rate of flu: far less than 1%

So, let's see, Ebola is at least 50 times more lethal than the flu. Yes, it might be harder to catch, although if you're exposed to an infected person, it's really easy to catch it unless you're bundled up like an astronaut, but Ebola's definitely harder to survive. So, it's a lot scarier than the flu. And that's especially the case when the government has bungled the handling of Ebola in the United State so badly.

Meanwhile, Obama appointed an Ebola Czar, a political operative whose job will be to coordinate something previously left uncoordinated. Unfortunately, the Czar, Ron Klain, has no medical experience (he only plays a surgeon general on television), and his political record is pretty crappy too. Klain is the fellow who, last time he was given the mission of saving America, lost a little battle known as Bush v. Gore, one of the most catastrophic legal and political defeats in the nation's history, as it plagued America and the world with the presidency of George W Bush. Klain was said to have cried when he lost. So did America for years since.

And if that weren't enough to give you great confidence in Klain's abilities, he's also the Obama operative who advised it was OK to give Solyndra over half a billion of taxpayer dollars to wash down the drain.

As Klain said at the time:
"The reality is that if POTUS visited 10 such places over the next 10 months, probably a few will be belly-up by election day 2012—but that to me is the reality of saying that we want to help promote cutting edge, new-economy industries."
Yeah, tossing taxpayer money around, in the midst of devastating recession, to promote bleeding-edge industries can be risky stuff. But hey, it isn't like that risk is going to harm Klain.

Kind of like saying hey, dudes, thousands of people die from the flu.

Can heckuva job Klainey be far behind?

If, and it seems more like when at this point, the Democrats get slaughtered at the polls on November 4, there won't be much doubt about why. Prior to Obama's latest drama with the CDC looking like a bunch of fools over Ebola, the Democrats had been making progress, especially in some of the key Senate races.

But, at this point, Obama is hated even by more and more Democrats. At a campaign stop on Sunday, when Obama took the stage to stump for Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, a steady stream of disgusted Democrats got up and walked out on Obama.

As with Bush, the nation has had enough of Barack Obama. And the nation will have to put up with this latest electoral mistake for two more years!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

"We Have Protocol Juju” Assures Witch-Doctor Obama To Frightened USA

Barack Obama huddles with CDC chief, Tom Frieden recently. The two are trying to figure out how to make the protocols juju thing work. So far, all their witch-doctoring has demonstrated is that nobody knows what the fuck they're doing, and also: with Ebola Virus in America, white people live, black people die—just like always.
"Stopping Ebola is a priority for the United States.  I've said that this is as important a national security priority for my team as anything else that's out there."—Barack Obama, September 25, 2014
President Barack Obama, sounding more and more like some kind of clueless witch-doctor, has been making a lot of confident statements about many things, especially since the Ebola crisis began.

Initially, the President claimed that the vast technological superiority of America compared to poor West African nations like Sierra Leone and Liberia meant that the USA would likely never see a case of Ebola Virus here:
"First and foremost, I want the American people to know that our experts, here at the CDC and across our government, agree that the chances of an Ebola outbreak here in the United States are extremely low."
And why was that true?

Because, Obama said:
"We’ve been taking the necessary precautions, including working with countries in West Africa to increase screening at airports so that someone with the virus doesn’t get on a plane for the United States."
YAY! That worked, huh? Oh wait, no! Of course not, because those "screenings" involved asking people if they had been around Ebola-infected individuals, and did not take into consideration that most people, especially people trying to get the hell out of Ebolaland, would lie! when asked that question.

Obama followed that up by explaining that even if somebody with Ebola got to the USA, it would all be OK:
"In the unlikely event that someone with Ebola does reach our shores, we’ve taken new measures so that we’re prepared here at home.  We’re working to help flight crews identify people who are sick, and more labs across our country now have the capacity to quickly test for the virus.  We’re working with hospitals to make sure that they are prepared, and to ensure that our doctors, our nurses and our medical staff are trained, are ready, and are able to deal with a possible case safely."
Again, none of that really happened.

When a Liberian person, Thomas Eric Duncan, who was infected with Ebola Virus, flew into the USA unscreened (because he lied when asked "that question"), and ended up being hospitalized in Dallas, Texas, Obama once again assured everyone that this one case would be contained and not result in an outbreak.

Why? Because of the protocols of course:
"Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Dr. Tom Frieden updated the President this afternoon on the recently-diagnosed Ebola case in Dallas, Texas. The President and Director Frieden discussed the stringent isolation protocols under which the patient is being treated as well as ongoing efforts to trace the patient’s contacts to mitigate the risk of additional cases. Dr. Frieden noted that the CDC had been prepared for an Ebola case in the United States, and that we have the infrastructure in place to respond safely and effectively."—White House summary of phone call on September 30, 2014, between Barack Obama and Dr. Tom Frieden, head of CDC.
But then it turned out that the first hospital tasked with using protocols to defeat Ebola, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, actually did not have any. Not only did Texas Health Presbyterian botch the initial diagnosis of Ebola victim Duncan, sending him home to mingle with other people, but when Duncan came back to the same hospital a couple of days later, and when Texas Health Presbyterian finally did figure it it was dealing with Ebola, the problem turned out to be that the hospital had no actual protocols for its nurses and for the disposal of dangerous items soiled with deadly infectious fluids from the patient.

This morning we began to learn a great deal more about this, as a nurse from Texas Health Presbyterian, Briana Aguirre, who appeared on The Today Show, explained that the hospital, contrary to what Obama and Frieden had been saying, never had any discussions with its staff about Ebola, prior to Duncan showing up, and worse—the protective suits worn by nurses who were looking after Duncan, were not actual hazmat clothing, and in fact were partially open at the neck, creating a critical vulnerability.

And that vulnerability has resulted in two nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian, ones who had cared for Duncan, getting Ebola themselves.

Once again, Obama's people kept promising the protocols would save us.

Obama yesterday amended his previous statements. Now said Obama the protocols would insure than the unlikely outbreak, which had occurred anyway, was going to be kept small.
"So bottom line in terms of the public: I want people to understand that the dangers of you contracting Ebola, the dangers of a serious outbreak are extraordinarily low."
But the facts are that well over 200 people at this point have been potentially exposed to Ebola in the United States, and that is just the people we know about.

And the information we have learned in the last 24 hours, regarding the CDC's treatment of the second Texas Health Presbyterian nurse to become infected, is extremely disturbing.

The CDC admits now that this nurse had Texas Health Presbyterian contact CDC to OK her flying from Dallas to Ohio and then back. The CDC, which was told the nurse had a fever before her flight back from Cleveland, made no effort to stop the nurse from boarding the jet from Ohio to Texas. Now CDC admits the nurse was infectious with Ebola when she got on that return flight.

It is evident that whatever Barack Obama and his fellow witch doctors mean by "protocols", they have to do more with making sure the Ebola Virus gets widely spread in the USA than stopping it.

Obama canceled political tours to convene his Cabinet to figure out how exactly things went from "almost no chance of Ebola in America" to "the outbreak won't get out of control".

The national witch-doctors have not yet begun shaking bones at people while they scream "umgawa" to exhort Americans to resist recalcitrant Ebola.

But nobody would be surprised if that is next in the protocols of Obama.